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February 16, 2019

Hello all!

Welcome back to another endurance workout.

Today we upped the reps a little and introduced some new concepts to make this a well rounded total body workout! This lifting program focuses on compound exercises, meaning we combine multiple movements into one to make sure you hit various muscle groups. For those of you learning about different lifting formats, it might be helpful to know there are 2 common ways to look at a “total body” workout.

Method 1) You can tailor a program towards multi-joint movements (such as a squat combined with a bicep curl) to ensure that every exercise hits a bunch of muscles at the same time.

Method 2) You perform various single-joint movements (such as a strict bicep curl) to focus on one muscle at a time but each exercise hits a different muscle. This means by the time you finish the entire workout you’ve targeted every muscle group.

To shake things up a bit, today’s program uses the first method! Give it a try and remember to use lower weights to offset those higher repetitions. To help you crush this workout, review the tips and tricks below before getting started. Have fun!

Key Tips & Comments

For those of you who might not know, I am HORRIBLE at endurance workouts or any workout that demands more than 8-10 reps. But for the sake of authenticity, I pride myself on always testing my workouts before sharing them. So, this is what I learned in case it helps you:

  • Start slow when you begin with those lunges! Perform each one with proper form to make sure you aren’t putting unnecessary stress on the knees. You will be moving in 3 different directions so this movement does require some agility. It also requires some patience but your legs will thank you! Squeeze those glutes throughout the entire movement.
  • Your second exercise is a compound movement that combines a squat and a shoulder press. There is a tendency to want to speed through this movement and use your momentum to power through, but you do yourself a disservice by not engaging your upper body. By cheating with the momentum, you might not feel the resistance in your deltoids and trapezius like you would if you slowed things down and controlled this exercise. There is nothing wrong with performing the exercise at a quicker pace but usually this is reserved for power workouts or heavier weights…so feel free to take it slow this time and enjoy the burn!
  • When performing the bosu ball alternating leg raises, people have a tendency to get their motion from their lower back rather than the hip joint.  Make sure when you lift your leg you are only moving from the hip joint down and activating your glutes. You should only see your leg move, not your lower back. If your lower back curves it is likely due to your core not being as tight as it should or weakness of your intrinsic core stabilizers. Be sure you keep a tight tummy to prevent sagging at the spine. When done properly, this movement should activate your shoulders, core, legs and glutes for an all-in-one movement!
  • For any exercises that involve stability work (like the bosu ball), remember you can always widen your base of support as needed. The renegade rows are a perfect example of this! If you feel like you are going to tip over when you lift your arm, try repositioning your feet a little wider and squeeze those abdominals! This should help you control any rotational movement that might prevent you from doing the exercise improperly.
  • The takeaway from this workout is to go slow and controlled. The first few reps of each exercise might be a piece of cake, but you’ll definitely feel it as the reps go on. If you’re not accustomed to typical endurance workouts, it can be a tough transition at first. Compared to your standard strength workout, many lifters feel “inadequate” because they know they can lift super heavy but they aren’t used to holding a 2 lb. dumbbell for extended periods of time. It can be challenging mentally when you know you are capable of lifting heavier weights, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that an endurance workout can be just as challenging and is effective for different reasons.

Just remember, your workouts are your own!  You have nothing to prove to the people around you. Be your best self and enjoy the workout. Happy lifting!

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