Arms and Back

Sculpt your Deltoids

November 26, 2018

Hello wellness enthusiasts!

Today I’m sharing a killer arms and back workout that is tailored towards your deltoids, latissimus dorsi and your biceps.

Be sure to get in a dynamic shoulder warm up before crushing this workout! Just be aware….the Iso Dynamic Hammer Curls at the end of this workout are almost like a burnout. Everyone I know who has tried these ALWAYS wakes up super sore the next day. You’ve been warned! 

Check out my key tips for this workout below. Other than that, have fun!

Key Tips and Comments Before You Get Started!

  • Today’s workout was rooted around “convenience”. It’s always a huge pain when you have a super set that requires two completely different pieces of equipment. That’s why in today’s workout the super set (2A & 2B) is designed to utilize a single dumbbell for both exercises to reduce downtime in between switches. It also allows you to stay in one spot, thus preventing you from losing your machine or equipment if your gym is particularly busy. 

Pro Tip: If your gym allows it, carry your bag with you to indicate that you’re using a particular piece of equipment. People are more likely to find another station if they see someone else’s belongings. 

  • Seriously though, about those hammer curls. There is a reason the weight recommendation is so low. It won’t seem like much at first, but as you progress, you’ll notice the burn. Use good judgement and do not try to overload on this one. This exercise requires some patience. I realize it seems counter intuitive for a strength day to include an exercise with such a low weight, but since you are fighting the negative and spending more time in the eccentric phase of the movement, you are still fatiguing your biceps even with the lower repetitions. Give it a try!
  • Lastly, as a side note, always feel free to adjust the exercises as needed. There are some modification ideas listed for you in each workout, but you know your body better than anyone else. If something is pinching, prodding, clicking or straining, tone it down and modify the movement or simply eliminate it all together.

Let me know how this workout went for you. Just remember to be safe, use good judgement and don’t forget your headphones!

Happy lifting!

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