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Love your Arms Workout

November 30, 2018

Hey there fitness enthusiast!

Welcome to another arms and back workout! I’m so glad you’re here because today’s post is featuring something new. This particular workout is special because it’s the first of it’s kind posted here on The Apex Athlete.


This workout contains some different features to work your muscles a little differently than you might be used to. So get ready for some lower weights and higher repetitions. Try this one with a workout buddy! You’ll need some motivation to help you push through those last few reps! Check out my key tips and comments below before you get started. 

Key Tips and Comments: 

Patience, young grasshopper. The gains take time.

  • To begin this workout, I’d recommend starting with just the barbell and working your way up in weight as the reps decrease during your first exercise (hence the recommended range between 45-75+ for military incline press). Most standard barbells are 45 lbs but some gyms offer 35 lb barbells as an alternative. Starting off with minimal weight will allow you to “test the waters” when it comes to performing higher repetitions. From there, you can adjust your weight accordingly.
  • The same idea applies when performing preacher curls. Typically the curl bar weight standard is 25 lbs. With this in mind, start low (perhaps no weight at all) and be sure not to hyperextend your elbows when performing this curl. Since you will be using a preacher curl bench to isolate your movement, you won’t be able to cheat with momentum like you can with a bicep curl. Go nice and slow with a lower weight to prevent any strain on the distal biceps tendon.
  • This workout is doable by yourself, but definitely more fun with a friend! Especially since this workout contains a superset with two pieces of equipment. When creating a program I normally shy away from using multiple pieces of equipment for supersets. Sometimes the gym is too busy and not all the stations are available when you need to switch exercises. BUT, I thought this would be a great opportunity to encourage you to bring a friend, or what I call the “accountabilibuddy” (accountability buddy in case you didn’t catch my jargon). If you want to go the buddy route, the superset allows you to tag your partner and switch stations as you finish your set. If you go to the gym at a popular time, it helps to have a partner so you both can reserve a bench and a preacher curl bench without risk of losing a station mid way through your workout. 
  • Lastly, you might have recognized the hammer curl with isometric hold from one of my previous strength workouts. This time though, it omits the negative 3 second count on the way down.  Instead, you simply keep one arm in an isometric hold while the other perform hammer curls. By the end of the workout, this move feels like a burnout! Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be feeling those biceps tomorrow!

I’m so excited for you to give this one a try. Let me know how it goes with those higher repetitions. We are starting off slow and will gradually build into even higher reps, but for now this is a great starting point. Happy lifting!

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