Legs and Booty

Build a Booty Workout

November 26, 2018

Hello my fellow fitness enthusiasts!

Today I’m excited to be sharing a legs and booty workout that is sure to make you sore the next day.

After testing this workout myself, my hamstrings and inner thighs were on FIRE the next day! So get ready for a great burn!

I would highly recommend a thorough warm up focused on the posterior side of the body (hamstrings, lower back, glutes, piriformis, etc.) otherwise I promise you won’t be able to bend over the next day. Feel to free to check out my key tips for this workout below!

 Key tips and comments before you get started!

  • Adjust your foot placement as necessary while doing seated leg press.  Different foot variations change the muscle group you are targeting. Oftentimes your gym will have a chart explaining the different foot placement options. Check it out!

Pro tip: Be sure to keep full support on the back rest if you bring your feet up higher to target your hamstrings! You don’t want to awkwardly stretch your lower back and risk injury

  • This workout contains a descending rep count. Since it is a strength based workout, increase your weight when you decrease your reps
  • The sumo squats are elevated in order to promote a greater range of motion (a.k.a you squat deeper when you are elevated above floor level). There are a ton of options to use for this! 
  • Plates, boxes, benches or foot plates on a machine are all great platforms to stand on while you sumo squat. Just be sure to keep proper form as you tap into those lower squats. Build that booty!

That’s it for now!
Let me know how this workout went for you and feel free to check out some of my other programs.
Cheers!                                                                                       -Leah

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